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“The care I receive from Ultra Chiropractic has led to significant improvement in my over all health. I used to have headaches regularly (50+ per year) and thought that was normal. I learned that is not true, and headaches are very often caused by misalignment of the vertebrae. I would also get annual ailments of the cold or flu and that is no longer happening. More importantly my childhood shoulder compression is now under control. 
Thanks, Dr. Reynolds!”

**Advice: Good eating, active living and positive thinking help to make the care work faster.

-Jamie K.

Crystal came into the office after being involved in a debilitating motor vehicle collision.  She had been receiving chiropractic care at another office and then stopped receiving treatment.  Luckily she decided to give it another shot. 

"I believe that every individual that experiences pain consumes energy that would ordinarily be directed towards self healing.  I don't know about you, but when I have a sharp blinding pain, I'm not a very happy camper.  I don't sleep very well, so I become cranky and lethargic throughout the day.  In turn, I don't have the patience or energy to cook a healthy meal or go for a nice walk.  I usually resort to fast food, and in return, I gain weight.  Of course no one feels good about gaining weight so I become self-conscious and insecure. Pain sucks!  I was born with sclerosis so pain is something that I have been dealing with ever since I can remember.  I have also seen many chiropractors.  I live in Tacoma and work here in the University district.  Yes folks that's right, my commute is roughly 50 miles each way.  Well thank god I ride the transit.  The Ultra Chiropractic are the therapies and treatment here are the best.  In no other place have I ever felt, I mean genuinely felt  better physically.  I use my time at Ultra to really focus on myself, it's not a one minute hi and good bye.  Every person that comes in the door gets their own treatment plan.  I love that!  We are all different so why shouldn't we all have individual treatments.  HELLO! That totally makes sense!! I'm telling you right now people, believe.  I know it sounds corny but that D.R.E.A.M.  it really works.  Above all else love yourself, we deserve it, everything else will fall into place.  Make it happen and you wont regret it.  Thank you for listening."

-Crystal S.

"I came into Ultra Chiropractic when my lower back started to give me problems. It was feeling weak and I found it difficult to sit in class for long periods of time. After his treatment plan, everything has been going great. It is a lot easier to concentrate in class."

-Tiffany W

"My weekly visits to the chiropractor have helped me a great deal. My body generally feels better as a result, but the occurrence of my migraines and headaches have been greatly reduced, and that makes it all worth it. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone, and Ultra Chiropractic has great and affordable plans to fit my budget.” 


"I had suffered from TMJ since I was about 18 years old. In the years following, I developed back problems in relation to this, which made me unable to do my work. Since the moment I stepped into the office of Ultra Chiropractic, all of this has changed. Dr. Reynolds and his associates have helped improve my situation significantly, not only with good chiropractic care, but also other problems I encountered. Right now I am a full time student and working hard on my career as an artist and music producer. So apart from the drum machines, samplers, synths, mixers, and effect units I work with, Ultra Chiropractic is probably my most important musical tool!"

-Wilf L.

"My lower back pain has MIRACULOUSLY disappeared since I came back in this week! Lovin' you guys over here!!!"



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